Waiting for Lightning to Strike

Drawing was one of my first loves. I started drawing cartoons when I was a little kid. I even made comic strips; some I copied from the newspaper and some I created myself. I’ve been drawing on and off over the years.

Here’s a golden oldie from the summer of 2005. I call it: “Waiting for Lightning to Strike.” I was living in Astoria, a.k.a. Long Island City, in NYC back then. The sky quickly turned dark in the middle of the day, and when I walked into the living room of my apartment, I saw two cats hanging out on my fire escape. I was struck by their elegant contours and by the charcoal-gray of the sky. A storm was coming, yet these cats seemed so peaceful. I was able to sketch them in a few minutes as it started to rain. I remember the lovely stillness of that moment and how glad I was to be able to capture a piece of it.


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3 Responses to Waiting for Lightning to Strike

  1. I share the expierence of drawing since the begining of my life, your draw makes me remember my first year of architecture, and the discovery of art, not the perfect form but the gesture.
    I see your photo and I can picture your face trying to catch the image…

  2. I agree–not focusing on perfection but on capturing the gestures of real life.

  3. umanbn says:

    …yes I find sketches are better at capturing memories than photos

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