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Pesto Bacon Omelette Sandwich

I’ve had a loaf of French bread sitting in the fridge for a while, and I finally got inspired to make something with it. This is very easy to put together, and slathering pesto on the bread makes for a … Continue reading

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Rice Noodles with Sausage

I’ve been on a rice noodle kick this past week. Target is down the street from my office, so I popped in during the work day and picked up some Thai rice noodles. This is a quick and elegant dish, … Continue reading

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Sound Summit

Three things stand out for me from this year’s Sound Summit in September at the amphitheater at Mt. Tam: history, beauty and courage. History because the opening band at this now annual festival to raise funds for the park was … Continue reading

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We drove to Sonoma for a day during our time in and around San Francisco. We wanted to see wine country but didn’t want to go through the tourist mill of Napa. Sonoma seems a more intimate experience. You’d think … Continue reading

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City Spotlight: San Francisco

After almost a week traveling in San Francisco, I must sing praises to the city. Here, there lives architectural charm, cultural density (without the population density of, say, New York), gastronomic delights and playgrounds of nature. In this post, I’ll … Continue reading

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Baked Lingcod

Last weekend, I finally got around to visiting my neighborhood farmers’ market, where a blackboard at a fishmonger stand caught my eye. It listed salmon, halibut cheeks and lingcod. I chatted up the lady at the stand, who told me … Continue reading

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Multigrain Risotto

When we were living in Vancouver, we did our grocery shopping a few times at T&T, a Chinese supermarket. The fun of going to a store like that is the chance to try new things. One of the finds we … Continue reading

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