Samples of my work in journalism.

Obama’s Strategy to Defeat Terrorist Group Lives on Under Trump
The Washington Diplomat
Trump’s continues his predecessor’s ISIS strategy.

No U.S. President Has Wanted a New AUMF. Congress Is Starting to Disagree.
The Washington Diplomat
The Authorization for Use of Military Force is undergoing growing scrutiny in Congress.

Rwanda and Kenya’s 2017 Elections
The Washington Diplomat
A preview of the presidential elections of two critical East African countries.

The Washington Diplomat
The U.S., Canada and Mexico are ready to update their governing trade agreement.

Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative Is Ambitious, Maybe Too Ambitious
The Washington Diplomat
A look at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s singular foreign policy vision.

The Pros and Cons of Trump Giving the Defense Department More Power
The Washington Diplomat
Examining U.S. President Donald Trump’s delegation of authority to DOD.

Whatever Trump Decides on Climate Pact, Rest of World Likely to Move Forward
The Washington Diplomat
An analysis of U.S. President Donald Trump and the historic Paris climate agreement.

Vancouver Travel Guide
Travel + Leisure

Five Great Gifts Made in Vancouver
Travel + Leisure

Christmas in Vancouver
Travel + Leisure

American Thanksgiving in Vancouver
Travel + Leisure

Vancouver Fall Exhibits
Travel + Leisure

Cayman Islands Campaign Against Lionfish
The Cayman Islands battle their lionfish invasion by encouraging consumption of the fish.

Obama Tells Jamaicans to Go Easy on the Ganja
U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the ganja question during a visit to Jamaica.

Mario Deane
Funeral held in Jamaica for Mario Deane, beaten to death in jail.

Missing Plane off Jamaica’s Coast
The initial search for New York real-estate executive Larry Glazer’s plane.

Reggae making a revival in Jamaica
New artists are bringing back reggae’s golden era.

Jamaica mulls legal pot (no, it’s not already legal)
USA Today
The push to legalize marijuana in Jamaica.

Cuba protests PriceSmart’s suspension of memberships in Jamaica
Cuba protests the decision by a U.S. company to suspend memberships of shoppers at its Jamaica subsidiary.

Caribbean nations consider push for slavery reparations
A coalition of Caribbean nations consider seeking reparations from Europe.

Caribbean nations agree to seek slavery reparations from Europe

Caribbean leaders are moving forward with a plan to seek reparations.

LGBT Tolerance Growing in Jamaica

The push for LGBT rights in Jamaica.

Outside Magazine
An interview with environmental activist Bill McKibben.

Born to Run
Outside Magazine
An interview with writer and runner Chris McDougall.

Diving in the Cayman Islands
Outside Magazine
A round-up of the best dive sites, resorts, and restaurants on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

The Optimist’s/Pessimist’s Handbook
Paste Magazine
A review of Niall Edworthy and Petra Cramsie’s book.

The Sopranos with Superpowers
The Villager
A profile of comic strip writer Fred Van Lente.

The Black Keys
The Villager
A concert review of the band in New York City, the summer of 2004.


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