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Spinach Tortellini With Prosciutto

Hi, folks. It’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with traveling. We moved out of Vancouver at the close of our tour, then spent time on the Oregon coast, Portland, and Florida. I’m now back in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading

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R&B Brewing Co.

R&B Brewing has been in East Van since 1997, and it’s expanded in the last year to include the Ale & Pizza House under the same roof. When we visited last summer, the interior of the new space was finished, … Continue reading

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

We’ve passed by Nero Belgian Waffle Bar many times. It’s in our neighborhood, and we looked upon it as part of the local scenery, without ever venturing inside. Oh, what we were missing. We had a Liège for the first … Continue reading

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Baked Oysters

When we came back from our last trip to Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island, we brought a bunch of oysters home that we plucked from the beach ourselves. Ah, the memories. These babies were huge, and every time I think … Continue reading

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Dine Out Vancouver Part III: Edible Canada

We used to walk right past Edible Canada when we were on Granville Island, thinking it was a tourist stop that wouldn’t hold anything interesting for us. But this store selling Canadian foodstuffs is attached to a restaurant that surprised … Continue reading

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Pork Rib Bao

One of the reasons I like eating out every now and then is for inspiration. If a dish strikes me, I like to try making it at home. As I mentioned in my Dine Out Vancouver Part II post,  I … Continue reading

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Roasted Bone Marrow

To my dear readers: I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. I’d like to share a very easy recipe of roasted bone marrow. This was featured in our Christmas Eve dinner, along with prosciutto-wrapped wild salmon and baba ghanoush. … Continue reading

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