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Scallop Coral

When we moved to Vancouver, we had visions of going diving and bringing up bags of scallops. Alas, we have yet to see a scallop in the waters of British Columbia. But there’s always the supermarket. And T&T, a major … Continue reading

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Beach Oysters

I don’t know if Marcel Proust was a cook, but he certainly understood the link between food and memory; how a bite of something can take you back in time. I felt this link keenly on my most recent visit … Continue reading

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BC Spot Prawns

BC spot prawns are a beautiful, locally sourced seafood with a short season. They’re available from May to June, and if you happen to be in British Columbia then, you should definitely try them. They’re succulent, with a light pinkish … Continue reading

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Baked Crab on the Shell

We went crabbing this past weekend, and the weather was gorgeous. We’re progressing into extra long days up North, yet there’s still a bit of snow on the mountains. We enjoy quite a panoramic view from our local crabbing pier, … Continue reading

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Homemade Sushi

We made nigiri sushi on Friday evening, and it turned out beautifully. We actually made too much and gave ourselves a sushi hangover the next day. It’s easy to make your own sushi at home–and much less expensive than ordering … Continue reading

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Scallops and Seared Tuna

There’s a guy in Boynton Beach, Florida, my husband and I simply call “the scallop man”. He’s a skinny man with sun-weathered skin who sits beside his coolers in the parking lot of a farmer’s market, waiting patiently for customers. We like to … Continue reading

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Road Trip to Treasure Beach, Jamaica: Little Ochie

Continuing our road trip, our next stop was Little Ochie. A big sign announcing the oceanside restaurant greeted us when we got there. We parked in the dirt lot as one of two cars around. By the time we left … Continue reading

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